Uncorked Mondays- Champagne!

We had a fun time tasting 4 different bubblies. Thanks again Betsi for “re-gifting” 2 bottles to us!

thanks for the photo Marlin!

thanks for the photo Marlin!

thanks for the photo Marlin!

thanks for the photo Marlin!

thanks for the photo Marlin!

thanks for the photo Marlin!

thanks for the photo Karyn!

thanks for the photo Karyn!

thanks for the photo Karyn!

thanks for the photo Karyn!

the damages!

the damages!

Betsi, Marlin, Mary, John, Jess,

Betsi, Marlin, Mary, John, Jess, Mandie, Ivy, Karyn



We want to extend a HUGE thanks to Jess for her super organizing, Betsi for her patient teaching, and Prachi for hosting us in her lovely home.

Everyone reported having a lot of fun, and it seems that everyone’s painting is growing on them! Won’t you join us for the next one?

Open a New Door…

Have you seen the new project at IMX Pilates Blue Bell?

What should we write on our new chalkboard door? Do you have any favorite quotes or motivational sayings? Let us know!

Why The Garden?

IMX Pilates Blue Bell Garden Path

Garden Path

If you haven’t noticed, we’ve got a garden growing at IMX Pilates Blue Bell! We’ve already seen a couple orange tomatoes ripen, and the root veggies are really coming along too. We wanted a garden that offers both tasty food and pretty flowers, with some medicinal herbs thrown in.

Many recent classes have included discussions about food. Topics have ranged from recipes to farmers markets to “What is a CSA?”

So here is an article we’d like to share with you that describes some of the ways fresh foods are entering or re-entering everyday lives. For perspective, think back the last day or two or three- how many things did you eat that had labels? Fresh food doesn’t come with instructions, or plastic or cardboard, or warnings. Choosing fresh food is not just a matter of personal health, either. Supporting small, local farmers has wide-reaching consequences for our communities and our environment.

Take a look at how hospitals, schools, prisons, neighborhoods, friends, strangers, and others are voting for fresh food with their dollars and their choices. If you’re inspired, try something new today! And ask questions, at pilates and at grocery stores and of your friends, and keep the conversation growing.

Pilates Garden

We are so proud to have the studio garden underway! Come see what’s growing.

Open House Feature: Dr Lawrence Schoen and Hypnotherapy

Join us at the Open House on Wednesday April 10, 2013. From 7:00 to 7:30pm Dr Schoen will give a short talk and demonstration about hypnotherapy. If you are interested in being part of the demo, please RSVP by Tuesday April 9- limited spaces are available.

Here is an overview of Dr Schoen’s talk, in his own words:

My plan for the Spring Open House is to provide a brief introduction to hypnosis. This will have two parts. Part one will be a short talk about what hypnosis is and is not, because most people have all sorts of false preconceptions on the topic. The second part will be a simple demonstration, an exercise in imagination and suggestibility… Those who don’t want to participate can simply watch and remain silent for a few minutes. 

The services that I offer include both therapeutic and generative hypnosis. Basically, I help people to access the resources of their own unconscious minds to change behavior, solve problems, and embrace their potential. 

At no time will I make anyone quack like a duck. Promise.

March for Babies Pics from the Past


The view leaving Temple Ambler

Paula and Jill

   Post race snacking!

Crowded Tables

March Day Registration- Captains Only!

Kate D

The lovely Kate D- we miss you, now that you’re in Jersey!

Beth and Kate



Melissa on a rainy walk day






March for Babies 2012

March for Babies 2012